10 December 2008

06 December 2008

CMYK Print

I did a CMYK separation print of a piece of my collage for the process book...

Now I'm going to continue trying to figure out how to lay this book out

03 December 2008

process book – more specific?

i made a more specific list of everything that is going to go into this book...

1. collages:
a. body
b. heart

2. info graphic

3. e. e. cummings typewriter pages
a. body
b. heart
c. tic toc clocks
d. v

4. specimen pages
whole pages:
a. persian/husband
b. dead bird (pages 1 & 2)
c. wooden spool
d. bible
e. kfc chicken
f. nemesis required
g. we live together
h. cover
i. colophon
cropped pages:
a. porcelain dolls
b. i <3 cat puke
c. potato canon

5. scans from my journal:
a. statistics/information gathering from info graphic
b. sketches, whether they have to do with my projects or not

6. "what do i do?" a small mental breakdown on paper

7. selections from my blog:
a. screen shots (of blog and of early versions of projects)
b. my ranting/complaining/train of thought/brain storming

8. words that have inspired me this semester


and all of this will be organized into sections, which are titled...

(with and without the poems, full page and close ups)

(full info graphic and close ups, maybe silk screened)

(excerpts from tao te ching, selected poems by e. e. cummings, an e-mail from a mentor, a list of twenty-five excuses why one of my good friends didn't do his work last year)

("what do i do?," and an explanation of how i felt in retrospect)

(selected pages and close-up details of pages)

(screen shots, selected entries)

(various versions of my work as it evolved)


02 December 2008

thinking about my process book...

so very recently (within the past week) i have started to feel a change in the way i am seeing things and i've been doing some self reflection. a lot of this change was brought on by reading tao te ching by lao tzu, which i finally bought last week.

so with that said, here is what i'm thinking for my process book...

1. collages – close ups/cropped, full collages with and without the e. e. cummings poetry

2. info graphic

3. e. e. cummings poems – typewriter pages

4. notes/ sketches – info graphic notes with all numbers and percentages, some writing i did a few weeks ago during a semi-mental breakdown

5. some silkscreens of my collages (i'm doing some cmyk prints in my printed matter class)

6. words that have inspired me this semester – some things my typography teacher from last year said to me that really helped me figure things out, selections from the tao and some poems by e. e. cummings

sound good?

i'm still working out details but my head's in the game.

19 November 2008

and another.


a little larger than 12 x 16.5 inches

13 November 2008

e.e. eeeeeeee

i have two more collages but my scanner isn't big enough so i'm just going to wait till i scan them at school on the big boys.

but here is some more typewritin' for now....

i wish i could take screen shots of real life

i went to the library and got a couple books of e. e. cummings poetry and i am working on more visual interpretations of them....

i am excited about this project!

.........more later, just wanted to give a lil update

oh, and of course, i am thinking about my process book constantly.
and i am thinking i will have to rework/redo lots of my specimen book as well, it is not really up to par.

10 November 2008

it feels good to do something like this again...

so what i am working on doing is making interpretive pieces about each poem...

this one is for the poem i posted before from my journal, by e. e. cummings.

"i carry your heart with me"

also, i was just playing with my typewriter so here is the poem on the typewriter as well...

trying to make a ballpoint pen run out of ink on a scrap piece of paper

robert rauschenberg transfer drawings


e. e. cummings

i i think what i want to do is a series of posters....

i'm pretty sure i want to use poetry by e. e. cummings
i want the posters to have a front and a back, so maybe when you unfold them there is something else...
i think the front will be some kind of collage or something, maybe light transfers that are kind of rauschenberg-esque.. and then on the back i will set a poem

does this sound good?

this is my journal... another poem

04 November 2008

i had a good talk yesterday about school and inspiration or lack thereof...

i don't really know what i want to do for my next project, but i think i want for it to have something to do with words that really speak to me, words that ring true to me, something honest.

these words will be poetry and lyrics.

hopefully it won't be cheesy or cliche, but i guess it might be. i want to work with something that really matters to me, though.

the format could be a book or a collection of posters or something like that.
i want to use screen printing and collage and hopefully they will fit together they way they do in my head, though i only have a vague idea right now.

right now this is making my heart go pitter-patter...

i like my body when it is with your
body. It is quite a new thing.
Muscles better and nerves more.
i like your body. i like what it does
i like  its hows. i like to feel the spine
of your body and its bones, and the trembling
-firm-smooth ness and which i will
again and again and again
kiss, i like kissing this and that of you,
i like, slowly stroking the, shocking fuzz
of your electric fur, and what-is-it comes
over parting flesh . . . .  And eyes big love-crumbs,

and possibly i like the thrill
of under me you so quite new

I changed the height from 8" to 7"
I centered the artists on the bottom
I added the "Total Tracks Played"


03 November 2008

basic typography?

i am trying to kern modern no. 20 but my eyes are not working for me right now....
can anyone with better eyes help me with this spacing?
my brain stops functioning sometimes when i need to space in indesign....

here it is big:

and here it is little:


more info graphic progrezz

here is my info graphic so far again....

i'm not sure if this will ever be finished.

i still have more changes to do but i figured i'd procrastinate a little bit since that is one of my favorite things to do.

30 October 2008


variety: the spice of life?

i played with the colors (made the background black, as the great jon serrano suggested) and i am just playing with colors in the title. i also changed the size of the text in the key from 10 pts to 8.5 pts. and changed the thickness and height of the colored lines next to each artist's name.

the first one is a close up of the type and the second one is the whole shibang all in one shot.

Things to work on...

My crit last night...

- Play with colors, the muted color palette is weighing the energy down, maybe try white or black for the background
- Work with the key - lighter weighted typeface, should be long and horizontal
- Color of the title should reflect the colors of the waves
- Everyone seemed to like Modern No. 20 better than Archer, so I will work with that
- Kerning

So I will hopefully have some more progress tomorrow or tonight, depending on how long it takes me to prep for screen printing!


My boss is having a gallery show in Philadelphia next friday (November 7) so you guys should all try to make it down there if you can! He is awesome and so is his work... The information is on the website in the news feed...  http://www.huntergatherer.net

(Sorry, I had to throw that in there...)

I'll get workin' soon enough.

29 October 2008


my book for the end of the semester is going to consist of screen shots and collages and zoomies and i bet i will find a way to work a cat into my design

i'am looking forward to it

blip blap

And I added some more of they key...

And this is what 
when i look

I tried Modern No. 20 as Gen suggested, but I don't think I like it as much as Archer since the weight is all the same..

26 October 2008

i think i resolved the colors?

still need to do all those other things on my list.
advice is appreciated!

chuggin' along

these colors aren't completely final, but they're along the lines of what i'm aiming for. right now i think they're a little punchy.. i want them to be closer to the background color. the dimensions are 8" by 28" but that could change.


1| finalize colors and put them in order (possibly switch a few colors around)

2| choose typefaces. in class gen suggested using bodoni or modern no. 20 italic lowercase to achieve a more delicate look. any other suggestions?

3| work out the spacing in the key, right now the stuff i have is kind of thrown together just so i can keep track of stuff.

4| additional text? i was thinking about adding some other text to help with the balance of the page. (right now it is really heavy on the left side) some text i might add...

a| the months i listened to this particular music... ie, september 2007 - september 2008, or maybe showing that in a more interesting way

b| a little something about each of the artists, ie, where they are from or a small paragraph about each artist? i'm not sure yet. i definitely don't want this to look like i needed to fill space so i threw some random information on the page, i want it to be cohesive.

c| something about how i gathered this information (lastfm)

so i could actually really use some feedback right now, especially concerning the additional text. any ideas about what i could add to support the graphic?

thanks a bunch, babies.

22 October 2008

this is is isisssss

Added some type and color.

I don't know how I feel about the title yet, mainly because I am usually pretty reserved as far as size/weight changes go, so this is weird for me?


I like the background color but I'm not sure about the wave colors yet.

OOOOOHHH also I am trying that thing at the bottom with the colored lines next to the artist names to show which wave each person matches  up with.

Nothing is completely worked out yet because all of a sudden I am afraid of color and typography. coolz.

typeface is archer.

21 October 2008

color palette?

color palette?
color palette?
color palette?
color palette?
color palette?
color palette?
color palette?
color palette?
color palette?
color palettew?
color palttte?
color palette?
color pasltte?
color cplateel?

thinking about these colors so far... i don't know. beginnings.

let me know/no/now/jnow?

more info graphic progrezz

a lil more progress.

now i have all twenty-two waves and they are in order. mrow i'm going to work with color and numbers and some kind of key system.


19 October 2008

info graphic progress..

I still have four more sound waves/artists to add, but here they all are in order of number of plays, so far... (Still need color, artist names, numbering system, and to put them in alphabetical order so it doesn't look so boring) but I made a lot of progress since my last post...

I need a little break from this for now so I figured I'd post my progress so you guys can comment if you want.. but there isn't really much to say about it.

14 October 2008

info graphique!

but last week i really did work on the infographique and i just worked on it more, even though it looks like i haven't done anything at all. i promise you, hours have gone into this so far.

i haven't chosen the colors or worked with the band names/numbers yet (the ones there are just for me, so when i rearrange the waves in order of band name i won't forget which one is which) but i spent a lot of time figuring out the size for each (i made myself a grid, kind of)

so.... HERE!